Hampton Creek, aka Beyond Eggs, has raised $120M in the last 4 years.

Our technology, which is based upon understanding plants from every corner of the planet, enables consumers, food manufactures, and the largest retailers around the world to offer better, healthier products, at a more affordable cost.

Their biggest claim to fame is making mayonnaise without eggs, although it turns out this achievement was outsourced.

I’d wager that the ladies at Rincón Jarocho, who serve a real tasty lunch for $3, know more about food than Hampton Creek’s CEO, notwithstanding his database of plants. Apparently he’s vegan, but $120M for split pea mayo smells fishy to me. El Rincón Jarocho and a thousand places like it are also the reason Sprig would be a tough sell in Mexico City.

The point is, most industries aren’t as ripe for disruption as music and taxis, and many aren’t even as ripe as experiments in the Bay Area suggest. Software is obviously the future, but fortunately for most of us, it’s not the future of food.